About Us

Simply The Best

Hillcrest Music Canada is owned and operated by singer/songwriter, producer and recording artist, Ross Allen. The Hillcrest multi-artist country music discs have gained the respect of recording artists and programmers throughout the world.

What We Do

The key focus for Hillcrest is to have the recording artists heard, played and supported on country radio. Time and again, promotional Radio Singles have proven to be the driving force behind artist recognition and album sales.

Hillcrest discs contain a limited number of "pre-screened" radio friendly songs from a variety of country music genres with service to 600+ radio stations in 26 countries.

Proven Track Record

Hillcrest has a proven track record! Our experience, dedication and skillful mastering over the years have produced countless charted songs while offering an excellent marketing tool for the country music artist.

If you are a country music recording artist looking to increase your visibility on country radio worldwide, contact Ross Allen TODAY!